Workshop AI-CPPS @ KI2022

The Workshop AI-CPPS is planned to take place in conjunction with the 45th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence conference in Trier, Germany from 19th to 23rd September 2022.

Topics and Goals

The workshop focuses on the topic of AI and cyber-physical process systems. It is organized through the research training group (Forschungskolleg) “AI-based Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Process Systems”, whose main goal it is to extend classical cyber-physical systems in such a way that they enable an adaptive integration of complex processes. Due to the large heterogeneity of IoT devices, the diversity of processes and the environmental factors acting on them, as well as the dynamic usage and interaction contexts, high complexity and dynamics arise. The systems must therefore be designed to be self-learning and adaptive, so that the data generated during their use can be continuously used to improve themselves (processes, topologies, resource requirements, etc.). This is enabled using AI and machine learning methods, but also considers the interaction between actors ("human-in-the-loop"), systems and processes.

Typical application scenarios of such AI-based cyber-physical process systems (AI-CPPS) can be found in knowledge- and planning-intensive work processes from areas such as logistics, robotics, resilient supply chains, production, service or agriculture. Heterogeneous environments, such as in robotics or intelligent mobility, require precisely fitting processes that optimize themselves based on the available resources.

General Information

The workshop will start with short presentations of the selected abstracts followed by a Q&A session. Depending on the number of participants, the presentations should have a length of about 5-10 minutes. 

In addition, a scientific poster will be created for each presentation, which will be used in the second part of the workshop for a more intensive exchange between the participants.  After the workshop, all submitted posters will be published on the workshop website and made available to a wide audience.

Furthermore, it is planned that an external speaker will be invited to give a keynote presentation on the combination of cyber-physical process systems and artificial intelligence. 

KI2022 will be held as a fully digital conference!

Time: To be announced

Virtual Room: To be announced

Talk format (5-10 + 5): Plan for 5 to 10 min presentation (depending on number of submissions) + 5 min questions and discussion